Step-by-Step Guide for Installing ColdFusion 8 on Ubuntu 7.10 using Amazon EC2 (Windows only)

ColdFusion developers, go forth and multiply!! ...your servers that is.

Sorry I have not had time to convert this to HTML but I figured a PDF was better than nothing. Click the download link at the bottom for the file. If anyone would like to turn this into a Wiki or just HTML please do!

Post feedback if you find any errors or confusion with the steps. I had one other person test this and I included his feedback (thanks Darren!). WindowsXP & Vista only, sorry Mac'ers.

By the way, because of the extreme limitations of the Adobe license model I have recently been exploring use of Open BlueDragon on EC2. I was able to port my AWS Console project onto BlueDragon with no tweaks whatsoever, so I am very impressed. Worth checking out (along with Ralio 3.0). For a while I thought I MUST use Adobe's ColdFusion product because of its built-in clustering and all that jazz, but turns out there are plenty of non-CF-cluster ways to build intelligent load balancing and fail-over on EC2. Scalr is one of them. RightScale is another if you want to pay.

While traditional hosting is not yet dead, it certainly has one foot in the grave, and I hope for Adobe's sake they can transform their CFML product to take advantage of cloud computing because otherwise these projects like BD, Ralio and Smith Project will be the only alternative to CF. Why do I care? I guess because 1) I have worked with CF for 11 years and feel loyal to Adobe, 2) Adobe CF is still an incredible product and I wish I could use it in production on EC2 but lack of a utility compute model means I won't.

Click the download link at the bottom for the PDF file.

Mike Henke's Gravatar Keep up the cool work!!! Very interesting
# Posted By Mike Henke | 9/2/08 9:35 PM
Chris Pyle's Gravatar Nice work! I've been looking at this for some time but have not gotten around to taking the plunge. I'm not sure if you've been watching the Ralio / JBoss collaboration but since JBoss is available and supported on EC2 I'm hopeful that Ralio will come along for the ride once that new project is released. BTW, I found it when looking for business rules / process engines that could work with CF - it looks like Ralio aims to make all the power of the JBoss stack available to CF developers. Very COOL! Thanks for sharing your work w/ Amazon.
# Posted By Chris Pyle | 9/11/08 3:14 PM
Michael's Gravatar Complete, accurate and to the point, your guide is real time saver. Thanks for this contribution!
# Posted By Michael | 10/2/08 11:02 AM
James's Gravatar Great instructions. Worked perfect. Only thing I would like to see is instructions for connecting ColdFusion and Apache without using the Ubuntu environment. Thanks!
# Posted By James | 10/16/08 1:13 PM
Raheel's Gravatar Great article, thanks for instrustions. !

Raheel <a href="://">MD</a>
# Posted By Raheel | 12/17/14 3:20 AM
Raheel's Gravatar <a href="://">MD</a>
# Posted By Raheel | 12/17/14 3:21 AM
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